About Us


Monami was established in the 1960's and is currently the leading stationery company in Korea. Monami has been present in the daily lives of consumers with a philosophy “A pen readily available for anyone, anyplace, anytime.” Ballpoint pens and markers are always found on desks. Board Markers used in classrooms and Permanent Markers that are used to label personal belongings.


Monami is recognized for its expertise and Technological competence brought on by the establishment of the in-house Research Institute. The Monami Research Institute is made up of researchers who work in teams set up According to writing instrument categories. Due to this effort, Monami has obtained capabilities to manufacture its own ink and develop new technologies.


“SigmaFlo” is a globally patented technology developed by Monami using liquid ink. The pen maintains crisp ink consistency until it runs out completely. We also have a manufacturing facility in Thailand Which is equipped for self-sufficient production with optimized specifications.


With diverse and ever renewing product lines, Monami is able to respond swiftly to shifting trends and consumer preferences be it in industrial usage or in or day-to-day lifestyle. Monami is not just an everyday writing instrument company, Monami is a company that plans for the future. Monami will continue to experiment and pioneer the way to provide pens for people and places that need them.